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 Approach Permitting

All new approaches or existing approaches with changes in use must have an approved approach permit on file. In order to give our final approval, approach permits must be signed by the legal property owner(s) and their signatures must be notarized as we record approach permits with the county assessor's office. 

There is a $250 processing fee for approach permit applications. 

Please call LHD office with questions regarding the application and/or process. 

 Mailbox Guidelines

Lakes Highway District standards require mailbox posts and receptacles to be a breakaway type and constructed in accordance with the Highway District Standard SD-14 and Idaho Transportation Department Standard Drawings 634-1.  These installation guidelines are summarized as follows:

  • Mailbox supports shall be no more substantial than required to resist service loads and to reasonably minimize vandalism.
  • The maximum strength and size of supports considered acceptable are a nominally sized 4-inch x 4-inch wood post or 1.5-inch steel or aluminum pipe posts embedded no more that 24-inches into the ground.
  • Lower strength flanged steel posts may be considered.
  • Posts shall not be buried with a concrete anchor.
  • No massive metal, concrete, stone, or other hazardous supports will be allowed.
 Right-of-Way Permitting

Any work within Lakes Highway District right-of-way (ROW) must be approved by LHD with a permit, known as a right-of-way permit. Only public works licensed contractors may perform work in LHD right-of-way. Applicants must provide a proof of liability insurance that lists LHD as a certificate holder and that includes a $500,000 minimum for general liability and a $100,000 minimum for workers compensation. Each application must include a site plan showing the proposed work in relation to the ROW and, if necessary, a traffic control plan. 

There is no fee associated with a typical ROW permit application, though any application including asphalt cutting will require special approval and a surety bond and/or fee. 

Please contact LHD with questions or more information. 

 Permit Application Documents
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