Lakes Highway District

11341 N. Ramsey Road
Hayden, Idaho 83835
 General Information

SPEED LIMITS: Click here for more information regarding speed limits, including how transportation departments and highway districts set speed limits. 

WEED SPRAYING and ROADSIDE MOWING: Lakes Highway District plays an important role in controlling spread of noxious weeds in our County and State.  Our work in this regard also provides many maintenance efficiencies such as: reduced shoulder damage and reduction of roadside growth that may otherwise obscure roadside obstructions.  Lakes Highway District sprays weeds within our right-of-way annually throughout our maintenance jurisdiction. Lakes Highway District also routinely mows roadside shoulders.  The State of Idaho requires property owners to control noxious weeds on their property. Click here for more information about Idaho Statutes Title 22 Chapter 24 regarding noxious weeds, and click here for more information and FAQs regarding weed control from the Kootenai County Noxious Weed Control Office.  If you desire to perform this maintenance yourself please contact the District to request a No Weed Spray Sign and/or other provisions.  In the end, we will work together to accomplish this work within public road rights-of-way.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


 Encroachments on Public ROW

No landscaping, fences or other encroachments are allowed in the public right-of-way and/or in adjoining exclusive roadway, drainage and utility easements.  In new subdivisions this means such encroachments should not be closer than 40-ft from the center of road.   Although it is ultimately the adjoining private property owner's responsibility to confirm the right-of-way and easement location on their property, we ask that you please contact the Highway District before you install any such encroachments adjoining a public roadway.  Encroachments improperly installed within the public right-of-way or easements will be notice for removal and are subject to fines in accordance with the Idaho Statutes. 

Also, mailbox posts and receptacles must be built to Idaho Transportation Department's standards.  

Please contact LHD office for more information.

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